Be sure your loved one gets the home care they need

HomeHelpStatus tracks caregiver arrivals and departures exactly, and calls for help when one is late or doesn't show.

HomeHelpStatus offers peace-of-mind about home care, and prevents crisis situations caused by caregiver lateness or no-shows.

  • Get notified in real-time by text or phone message if a caregiver arrives late, leaves early, or stays with your loved one later than expected.
  • Tracking arrival and departure times is easy and automatic
  • Comprehensive caregiver visit histories are just a click away
  • personal care assitants (PCA), home heath aides (HHA), certified nurses' assistants (CNA), nurses of all sorts (LPN and RN), housekeepers, companions, even physical therapists or occupational therapists: HomeHelpStatus works with any kind of caretakers

Just 10 minutes to set up, and caregiver checkins are easy, done by phone in 20 seconds upon arriving or just prior to departure.

Help with home care

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Setting up and using HomeHelpStatus is easy!

HomeHelpStatus is a monthly service delivered over the internet. It uses your phone to identify caregivers as they come and go, and can defuse potentially hazardous situations (such as when a caregiver does not show up when scheduled) by notifying loved ones by phone or SMS text.

Add your loved one's home phone number(s)

HomeHelpStatus uses caller ID to ensure that caregiver checkins are only accepted from these numbers. This is how caregivers are verified as being at your loved one's location, so you can be sure they are accompanied.

List your loved one's caregivers

Each caregiver will be assigned a unique PIN that they'll use to identify themselves when they call HomeHelpStatus to check in.

Schedule caregiver visits

Just like you would on your personal calendar, set up one-time or repeating caregiver visits. For example, if your loved one is visited by a caregiver every day starting at 3PM, add that to the HomeHelpStatus calendar.

Set up notifications

Provide the phone numbers of anyone that should be notified of important events: when caregivers are late, when they leave early, etc. You can choose to have HomeHelpStatus call or text.


Caregivers call HomeHelpStatus when they arrive (or leave)

When caregivers arrive (and optionally when they depart as well), all they need to do is call the HomeHelpStatus service number from your loved one's home phone, and check in using their PIN. HomeHelpStatus will record all of these checkins to keep an exact caregiver history.


HomeHelpStatus calls or texts on important events

HomeHelpStatus will call or text each of the numbers you set to be notified as appropriate; for example, if no caregiver checks in within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of a visit.

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